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My Search Story. Enjoyment for Web Masters  
My Search Story. Enjoyment for Web Masters.

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Rules and guidelines about submitting.

Your web site will only be considered for one of the categories listed if:-

a) The web site is functioning when accessed.

b) With the exception of Hot Image and Text Link or Text Link Ad Advertisements your web site may be classified into one of our web sites listed.

c) The web site does not contains any offensive or degrading information or links.

d) The web site does not contains any adult only information or links.

e) The web site does not contains any get rich quick or easy money schemes.

f) Only faster loading pages have a chance of inclusion. For example no flash or other high bandwidth demands on the link to page. You may use flash pages if the user is given the choice not to access them.

g) You accept that submitting does not guarantee inclusion to be listed.  It could take some time before listing and the chapter number you will be place on can not be guarantee.  You should check every so often to see if your listing has been included.  To reduce email use it is not our policy to email users although you accept that you may receive email messages about submitting.

h) The web site may be classified as providing useful content for the site on which it wishes to be listed..

i) No-flash, No Pop-Up, No redirection; faster loading, pages only.

You abide by the Terms and Conditions Legal Notice for submissions. Help about how to submit information

Check that the site you are submitting to has information relevant to the categories listed or it will not be listed.

I have read all the information and have a web site that may be included in on of the sites listed above.

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